Review by Serena

War Dogs 2016

David is done with massaging people to make a living, so as soon as his old friend Efraim is back in town and offers him a job he can't deny. The only thing he doesn't know is what he is in for and what Efraim is actually up to.

This was so much better than I expected it to be. I really enjoyed it and it felt like the movie was finished before it even started. It was truly great. The build up of the movie was really cool, and I loved the "chapters" they made by using quotes. I think it's cool that they make a true story into this kind of movie. It was funny, badass, action-filled, I just loved it.

Speaking of loving things, wasn't Jonah Hill just the greatest you've ever seen him? (maybe exaggerating a little bit there but still) I mean, did you hear his "laugh", o my and the spray tan with the slick back hair with those darn matching training outfits. He made a great characters. I could rave on about how much I loved him in War Dogs, seriously. Miles Teller was his perfect self again as well. For me, he just can't do anything wrong. I also think he must be a pretty great boyfriend, cuz he is just the sweetest with the girls in almost every movie he does. Maybe it's just me but, I don't think so. I love Miles. To be honest with you, I think all the actors did great. Ana de Armas as Iz was the only one I didn't really bonded with, but still.


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