Shout by Allendar

Our Kind of Traitor 2016

Beginning was very good. Later on it became a bit shallow. The acting and way of filming was very phenomenal and made up for the tiny mistakes tho. The plot was very interesting and unique and the British flair to it was way more appealing than most American brag-style flows. Ewan McGregor really should act more.. He's a really darn good and subtle actor. The cast was really amazing; I don't feel often that I wouldn't feel negative or annoyed by some, but with this they all were very well cast and really just made it all feel very natural. I would say 8.5 as a rating (thus making it 9 on here), but the kind of shallowness in the plot itself in the middle and later parts of the movie kind of makes it feel more like 8.1/8.2, so I'll stick with an 8. Deserves way more attention tho!

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