7.1/10. Solid but unspectacular episode of the show. The highlight of the episode was the farce of Doc, Billy, and White messing around with a "tutorial" of the nanobots while Brock dealt with the affected reactions from Dean in the other room. It was basically the B-plot, but Dean trying to get into college while Doc and his pals are trying to come up with their next great super science idea (by, in true Venture form, plagiarizing JJ) has some of that ol' VB heart-on-its-sleeve, nigh-doomed aspiration that makes it endearing.

The rest of the episode's business wasn't as compelling for me. Hank having a crush on Wide Wale's daughter is an okay story thread, and I appreciated the synergy of Hank's Aladdin homage using JJ's hover car, but the naive Hank/mob princess pairing doesn't really excite me. Similarly, there's some pathos in the Monarch being an outsider to all of this, and getting hoodwinked into estrangement with the one person who seems to truly care about him by Multiple Man Dean Martin (The Sovereign, back for revenge?), but it didn't do much for me. There's a sort of sitcom-level misunderstanding vibe that always sort of annoys me, even if the Dean Martin guy was enjoyable. (Hatred telling him not to take another "jazzy step" was especially amusing.)

Overall, it was a sturdy Venture Bros. episode, but not one with many great surprises or much great humor.

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