7.4/10. This was definitely a more action-heavy episode, which is the kind of thing that's going to suffer on account of the unfinished animation relative to some of the show's other episodes. To wit, this was basically one big chase, whether it was against the locals or the Separatist droids or Grievous himself. To be honest, I kind of lost interest in the "mobile action figure attack" portions of the episode at times, though I can recognize them for the exciting set pieces they would likely be when finished.

That said, I still love the old married couple dynamic that Anakin and Obi Wan share here. Having them figuring things out together, whether it's how to lower the kyber crystal onto the hover dolly, or complaining about the native beasts of burden being too ornery, it's fun to see the two of them as bickering friends who find ways out of their predicaments despite their different attitudes and approaches. These are the kinds of adventures that you imagine Obi Wan drifting back to when he says "Anakin was a good friend" wistfully in A New Hope, and I appreciate the spotlight on the two of them as a team.

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