You get a good look at an extension of the Bat family in this one. At first, I thought it was Batgirl on the cover, then I learned that it turns out to be Batwoman (so hot)! There's also Batwing on the cover; "two birds with one stone" there. It is the third film taking place after and part of the Son of Batman and Batman vs Robin story arc. Damien returns and learns to be more like his father, "justice, not vengeance". His mother, Talia, also reappears (still freaking hot) and is the main enemy here. The Batmobile design here looks like the one in the live-action Batman Forever/Batman and Robin films. Nightwing plays such an important role here and is probably the one who knows Bruce Wayne/Batman the most. There was a point where Katey was watching News 52 on TV, and right there I knew it was a reference to the New 52. I like how it wraps up with a little surprise in the end.
The animation team responsible for this trilogy so far has done fine job. I admire WB Animation's style and I kinda wish they had shot for a higher level of quality for the recent The Killing Joke film adaptation, at least in character design, but you get what you can get I guess.

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