Here's a musical that I had never really considered before. I think that's a shame, because this is actually a pretty great one both from the theater and film perspective.

First, and most important, the music is fantastic. I'll admit, I liked it but didn't love it while watching, but I'm pretty sure that's because I was focusing more on the screen since I had never seen this before. Later I listed through the album and was able to absorb the lyrics better. The music matches the story very well, but it matches the style perfectly (and I'm predisposed to the style thanks to Bowie). This rock glams so hard.

I totally did not expect to love the film work too. A lot of musicals adapted to movies are made sort of average. Not a big deal, not why I go to see a musical movie. But this one has some great cinematography and structure. There is a shot in an oven, and one with a mirror that both screamed awesome to me. They really did a great job with putting in slight humor with interactions that could not have come from a stage play at all.

I'd recommend checking it out, even though it doesn't have a good blu ray release yet. I guess they should wait until it is on Broadway... oh yea, it won some Tonys recently, huh?

Favorite song:

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