Shout by Arius

Suicide Squad 2016

I still feel sad about this movie. I am looking toward watching it again when it comes out on demand, maybe even a hopefully altered addition. As the memories of the movie fade the feeling of defeat i got as i left is still the same and the same i had when i left Batman V Superman (Just not as intense). It had good parts, great little parts even but it also had horribly noticeable faults. My least favourite of the 3 movies. Batman V Superman despite its jumpy nature still had a lot of quality but as a movie this sucked. The characters were fun but the world they were in, the story, ugh.

Man of Steel is still the best film in the new DC Cinematic Universe and Wonder Woman, you are my only hope. (Hopefully i can see more of the Joker one day since Leto seems to have filmed a lot)

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