Review by Arius

X-Men: Apocalypse 2016

"I tried your way, Charles.
I tried to be like them.
Live like them.
But it always ends the same way"

The abusive relationship between Professor X and Magneto continues to bring strong intrigue to when they will meet next and what they will be in the middle of.

At first my fear was Jean Grey had been miscast, instead following the "she has the same hair color it is fine" formula but after that steady start by the end of the film she came into her own and i am looking forward to seeing her again. Scott and Kodi i loved though, with Storm and Quicksilver moving in, i am looking forward to the next generation! With more Jubilee!

The only character i was really down on as most have also said, Mystique. Mystique's actions are fine but it is Jennifer's delivery that leave a lot to be desired. Especially in the scene where Quicksilver is revealing that secret to her. I think old high school friends in drama class could of made me more convinced in their reaction.

Those last few minutes gave my inner child a squeal. It might be seen as a step down but it is still as fun as the previous two and the strongest of the X-Men trilogies. Between X-Men, Deadpool and MCU. Marvel properties are hot. -sweeps Fantastic Four under the rug-

By the way, What kind of bullshit shot from the arrow was that to kill the mother and the daughter instantly and at the same time?! I suppose tragedy is drive for Magneto but i could of blinked

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