I burned through the first and second seasons of this series in three weekday days. That's usually how long it takes me to decide whether to move through some of the less compelling pilots I have attempted to watch.

Of course, my views could be a little biased since I really do like slasher films to begin with. And although there indeed was an underwhelming amount of body count in a series supposedly based on a slasher film franchise that usually left the main lead friendless and fending for herself, I really did still like it.

I liked how the characters gradually became familiar as the series progressed. This would've effectively drawn buckets of tears from my eyes at their death scenes. But as already mentioned, hardly anybody that mattered actually died. Of course, my heart did still break when they killed off the two douchebags right when they were just about to turn their lives around. Television is a cruel, cruel world!

And god, that scene on the police department's rooftop was really, really upsetting in a 'M'just-gonna-curl-up-in-a-corner-and-sort-myself-out' way! T.T

I heard about this series last year and I have always wanted to watch it. But it wasn't until I had to do some research about it and found out that Bex Taylor-Klaus was in it that I actually took the effort to search it out (got the hugest girl crush on her since Arrow). I already knew who the killers were going to be before I came into this series, but I made sure I didn't find out who they were going to kill to leave myself something to bite my nails over. The killer reveals would've resonated with me more deeply if I hadn't known, but as they say it's the journey that counts, right? And Scream sure did a fine job keeping me hooked right up to the very last scene.

Can't wait for the Halloween special in October! I am most certainly going to cry until I'm bleeding from my eyes if any of the remaining Lakewood survivors ever dies.

Then again, what fun would a slasher series be if all of them ended up surviving in the end?

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