9.1/10. I criticized the prior episode for being a bit heavy on the action which, I thought, hurt it a bit given the unfinished animation. But this episode was filled to the brim with action, and it worked incredibly well. Maybe it's just the fact that more of this episode was focused on the dogfighting elements of Star Wars that work better than close combat, but even Obi Wan's confrontation with Grievous came off pretty well. There was a little video game plotting, but for the most part, the episode did a nice job at showing Anakin and Obi Wan leaping over various hurdles and having to come up with intriguing ways to do so.

Again, their rapport has been the best part of this arc. It's great to see them jousting back and forth like old friends. (I especially enjoyed Obi Wan complaining at the council warning him that his plan is risky when Anakin takes such risks all the time, only for Anakin to retort "I'm better at it.") This has been a funny little adventure that highlights the pair's dynamic and the different but complimentary ways that they go about things. Plus, the final set piece with the destruction of the kyber crystal, and the hint that it's the stuff of legends, were well done. Overall, a fine finish to a superb arc.

Oh and "If at first you don't succeed, destroy it" is the funniest little koan there's been in the series thus far.

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