9.1/10. Best of the season thus far, possibly because it was a little more focused. I'm usually a sucker for Monarch stories, and him coming to terms with the fact that his dad was a "good guy" in the mold of The Green Hornet is a nice touch, especially with 21 (and 24!) guiding him via Empire Strikes Back references. Him taking out arches who are ahead of him in line to antagonize Dr. Venture as Blue Morpho is a story with legs, and him saving the day via "Harangatan" was a lot of fun.

The other story, with Doc, Billy, and White trying to come up with something to present at the upcoming scientific conference was a hoot too. Their pros and cons with various inventions was a lot of fun, and the three of them always have a good dynamic. Plus, the bit with the "God Gas" and the mice led to some good Twilight Zone-esque gags.

Lastly, Hank trying to get advice on wooing from Brock, and Brock dealing with his fascination with the Wonder Woman expy had a lot of good moments in it as well. Brock is normally so cool and assured, that it's interesting to see him a little flummoxed and frustrated. Hank's usual chipper obliviousness to it added to the flavor of the story as well.

Overall, something for everyone to do here, and a lot of laughs and fun to be had. That's all you can ask for!

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