7.9/10. I enjoyed the theme of this one, which I took to be that the clones, while efficient, were somewhat predictable, allowing the Separatists to get the edge, so bringing in the "Bad Batch" squad, guys who were genetically modified and different from one another and the clones, allowed them to get the jump on the Tarantula-like Separatist General who couldn't guess what they were going to do. I didn't love the Bad Batch guys themselves. They seemed to fit some pretty hoary archetypes: the strong lunkhead, the silent sniper badass, the tech guy, the Rambo expy. But it was still fun to see them clash with the "Regs" and have the culture shock and inevitable finding of common ground.

One thing I was particularly impressed with here was the direction. Again, there's a little bit lost given the unfinished nature of the animation, but for the most part, there was some really striking close-quarters combat that conveyed space and movement really well as the squad took out various enemies and made their way through different compounds. On top of that, the hint that Echo may still be around adds a bit of stakes and intrigue to the arc, and the little love letter to the fans at the beginning was a nice touch as well. Overall, a very enjoyable episode.

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