9.4/10. Tons of fun here, maybe having something to do with the comparative focus in this one relative some prior episodes this season. Everyone trying to get their vehicles back, whether it's the morphomobile or the Harangatank created great fodder for hijinx. Seeing Monarch embrace the Batman 66 nature of his dad's surroundings was quite amusing, and having Dr. Girlfriend team up with Harangatank's wife, Battle Axe led to some entertaining bits as well. The way those two stories collided, with Monarch being afraid his wife will realize he's moonlighting and Dr. Girlfriend trying to hunt down this new Blue Morpho who's violating Guild Law created some interesting narrative stakes.

Plus, Think Tank was a great addition to the show's rogue's gallery. His MODOK vibe combined with Jeffrey Wright's baritone and obsession with intellectual fortitude led to some great moments. I particularly enjoyed his tet-a-tet with Brock while Doc was on hold and annoyed with the Guild's hate hotline. Throw in Brock's continuing, kind of adorable romance with Warrina, a woman who can not only keep up with him, but who can best him (not to mention Billy Quizboy unintentionally aping the drunk David Hasselhoff video) and you have a pretty great episode. This one really excelled in laughs (the use of the Blue Morpho back scratcher was a great callback), story (the setup for everyone to think Doc is Morpho is well done), and character (Brock's confused feelings about his paramour works really well). Two superb eps in a row!

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