Shout by Rhett. M

Nerve 2016

Well, I compleatly enjoyed the movie. I like the music in the movie, it fits in perfectly. The screenplay was nice and acting was good, but the ending for me felt rushed. It feels like they could have made it better, but I still liked it! But I don't know how the book is, so can't say how different the book and the movie is. Maybe I should read the book!

And what is it with movies and trailers lately. In the trailer when Vee goes to the cop car, the police officer know her name and seems to be "part of the game". But it was not like that in the movie. And when i first saw the trailer, that part made the movie seem "better?". But well, I guess the trailers now days lie about the movies ;) cough cough suicide squad

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@donxy Definitely agree on the music. The song selection did a great job tieing the intensity, lighthearted and emotional parts of the film together.