Review by dogg724

Ray Donovan 2013


Review by dogg724
2016-09-12T12:16:37Z— updated 2016-09-13T16:08:54Z

This is a show with undeniable character work. There are few examples of things that I would call "perfectly cast" and this dives into the heart of that sentiment. Each and every person has a palpable relationship to the next and they are allowed to sit in their flaws. The time given to side plots isn't wasted. The standouts are Mickey, Abby, and Terry.

The haunting power of family is what carries this show. I was a little let down with the "violent tough guy anti-hero" nature of Ray, but the series evolves past the idea that it's about him and his bad-assery. "Rotting' is the word that comes to mind. Like everyone is being eaten from the inside in the best kind of way.

I give it a 7 because it is a good show. It's amazingly cast, intimately told, good, show. It's not genre bending. It's not "smart." It's not much beyond its casts' ability to carry out plot lines and scenarios you'll probably see coming. I don't like to give extra credit because the writer's aren't lazy as that should be a staple of respecting your creation and those portraying it. The closest analogue that comes to mind is The Sopranos, but there's a reason that show I find practically perfect, and this one "good."

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