Shout by Andrew Phillips

300 2007

I have to laugh at the people who rate this film poorly because of how historically inaccurate it is.

'300' isn't a documentary — it's a story being told around a campfire by David Wenham's one-eyed Dilios character in order to rouse the 40,000 Greek troops at the Battle of Plataea. Of course it's hyperbolic and crazy and historically dodgy. Hell, Dilios manages to recount key parts of the battle he wasn't even present for!

Lighten up, armchair historians. You're watching a movie where the Persian King Xerxes is depicted as being, like, nine feet tall. It's not that difficult to figure out that some serious, propaganda-fuelled artistic license has been taken here.

I can't wait to read your outraged nerd reviews for 'Meet the Spartans'.

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