Review by saundrew

Don't Breathe 2016

Breaking and entering turns bad for a few robbers. Do you think you'll have some difficulty feeling any sympathy for these people? There is a reasonable chance you will. But maybe you're not dead inside like I am.

I do appreciate this movie for a few aspects. The main thing, and its most important aspect to be good at, is the fact that it doesn't feel repetitive. The story does indeed progress, with new plot elements unfolding the whole way. I was afraid we'd just be stuck in the same horror film style for an hour and a half. Without this, I'd have hated it and wanted to leave after 20 minutes.

The other big positive is that jump scares did actually originate from the story. They (mostly) make sense for what is happening. Of course this is still the cheap way to make a horror movie scary, but when done in a good way I don't mind it.

But unfortunately the film does have a decent handful of problems. The primary one for me is that I don't care about these characters' lives. They are terrible people, and the connection the film tries to create for them is weak. The layout of the location is also not doing it for me. They make this average sized house feel like a goddamn mansion. Someone walks into the next room and it is like they disappear.

Finally, the climax of this movie let me down soooo much. Seriously, it was about to end and I thought it was a really solid one. Then it keeps going and I thought this end was decent. Then it keeps going and I think this end is meh. Then it keeps going and the end is stupid, standard formula horror. This really knocked it down for me.

If you're looking for a horror and you're sort of into the genre, you might like it a bit more. I'll never pick to watch it again, but won't mind if someone else picks it out.

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