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Timeless 2016

Looks like a copy of spanish's Ministerio del Tiempo. In fact, its showrunner has taken it to the courts.

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@takox just actually watch it lol. It's really good.


"Looks like a copy of spanish's Ministerio del Tiempo"

It clearly is based on the same idea.
... so? So is literally every show.
FYI, the concept for Ministerio del Tiempo is not original either. The story is taken — something which the Spanish admitted to themselves — from yet another show.
What IS sad is that the spanish network responsible for MtD is acting like SONY stole it from them when they themselves have been doing the very same thing with their shows. It's even more saddening — and disturbing — that people act like hunting dogs. They too are victims of somebody's mischievous agenda. It's clear as the sky on a sunny day that Ministerio del Tiempo is not an original; I wish SONY good luck in court.
Yes, there are rumors SONY was in fact working on an adaption together with the guys from MdT and that they didn't reach an agreement, but even if that was true... going to court looks like a bad PR stunt. I'm not saying SONY did right but I hope it backfires on the Spanish... because they deserve it, because taking it to court is ironic coming from somebody who's done the same thing.

That being sad, the show is really good. Try it! ^ .^

@takox Hi , spanish viewer here , yes , it has all the resemblance of El ministerio del tiempo , still , i have to say , the show its good but it lacks the spanish " comic " side and cultural catch that it has MDT. I hope Javier Olivares gets the jury on his favor, we have to take care of our spanish good shows ( finally) also It reminds me a little bit of the blacklist.

@takox Ministerio isn't about a conspiracy. I've watched a few episodes of that. Its quite different