8.3/10. A whole lot to like in this episode. I loved the weirdness of the arching done by the combination Legion of Doom/Andy Warhol and his crowd. If this season has had something going for it in particular, it's been the fun and creative new arches that pop up each week. Turning an arching into a Pop Art-era party, where instead of the usual theatrics, Warhammer goes post-modern and does a black and white film of Dr. Venture while simultaneously robbing him is bizarre but creative in that perfect Venture Bros. way.

On top of that, the story of Hank going on his first date with Sirena was pretty adorable. (It's weird, I'm rewatching HIMYM as well at the moment, and this is my second episode in a row involving someone going on a first date with a character played by Cristin Miloti.) There's a sweetness in Hank's naive sincerity about everything, and though Sirena is clearly more experienced and street smart than Hank is, it's nice that she appreciates his corny, 80's inspired schemes involving his brother, White, and Billy to impress her. Plus bringing back Nathan Fillion as The Brown Widow is always welcome, and a ninja-inspired restaurant would absolutely appeal to Hank.

The C-stories were entertaining as well. Brock teaming up with one of Wide Wale's henchman (Rocco, I assume?), with the two sharing a begrudging respect was a fun bit, and added some sitcom-dad flair to the date between Hank and Sirena. And Monarch's adventures with 21 as Blue Morpho are entertaining as well, with the whole delayed bomb set up and mission to take out Dr. Venture's arches while hiding it all from Dr. Girlfriend giving it a nice caper-of-the-week quality.

Overall, lots of fun to be had in this one.

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