6.7/10. A little dull despite the quantity of action. I like that the episode focused on the clone brother relationship as a counterpoint to the last episode. Whatever the predictability of the "Regs" there is a loyalty among them that means even Rex is willing to break protocol if it means there's a chance of saving one of his brothers. That's something the Bad Batch doesn't seem to appreciate in the same way. There's definitely something unnerving when Rex finally gets to Echo and sees him all hooked up Matrix or BSG-style, and there's something endearing about the way Rex comforts him.

But there's also a lot of pretty static action and the usual video game plotting. Bad Batch, Rex, and Anakin's fights with the locals, the droids, and confrontation with a cackling, mustache-twirlingly evil member of the Techno Guild didn't do much for me, though it's always hard to know if something's just lost in the unfinished state of the animation. Overall, it felt like a lot of wheel spinning to get to the intrigue of finding Echo (aside from the moment where Rex gets angry at the idea Echo would defect.) Not the best episode, but a solid finish.

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