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Men, Women & Children 2014

Wow.. first of all i loved Emma Thompson narrating some of it.. and I remembered that she does the same thing in another film that she stars in, if you're a film buff like me then you'll know.. This film was amazing, a film about everyday reality mistakes from children, and their parents, and what the internet can do in are lives, are futures.. It came with a brilliant cast, the story plot was fab, many emotions.. I prefer Adam Sander playing different types of roles instead just comedy, because i think he does a great job.. The one character i hated was Jennifer garner, don't get me wrong, she played it great, but that over protection was too much.. controlling freak ha even if she's looking out for her daughter, i'm talking by reality also, because it happens in the real world, but i think a child should have her own private life to, somewhere they can be themselves..

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