Shout by FinFan

Starsky & Hutch 1975

I love 70s TV shows - the look, the feel, the whole vibe. Plus, most of the shows were still on when I came into TV age at the beginning of the 80s.

Starsky and Hutch is one of the memorable ones. It has great humor, car chases, shooting - everything you´d want in a cop show. And of course pretty women. But what made it stand out is the chemistry between Glaser and Soul who really bring the characters to live. Another thing I find remarkable for a 70s show is that they had episodes where there were dealing with social topics, child abuse, mental inabilitys in a way that they not only use it as a background but asking questions and pointing fingers. Yeah, there were some weak scripts too and of course your weirdo 70s plot that look quite ridiculous today. And personally I think the first two third of the show is the better one.

But all in all Starsky and Hutch is absolutely worth seeing and if you haven´t done it I suggest you do. It´s an icon.

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