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Smallville 2001

Just finished the series, i watched all episodes from the Pilot till the Finale, not cus i liked it only cus i started it.
I have to say i was never so disapointed about a series like in this one. Did it have its good episodes did i have fun sometmies, yes of course, but at some point it goes downhill, obviously wrong made decisions to keep the show go on for longer.
But the wrost thing ever that epic fail Finale episode. Just imagine this, Smallville has 10 season, 217 Episodes and afer you watched all of this more then 145 hours of smallville you just see a cgi superman, a black cloud dust and a apocalypse that flys away in one second.
I expected at least after ten seasons to see a full superman for one second at least.

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@ertishop The show was never about Superman. The show was always about Clark Kent becoming Superman.