7.6/10. A tribute to voiceover! It felt like there were nods to everything from Goodfellas to Fight Club to Silence of the Lambs to classic Film Noir going on. The voiceover was fun when it was tongue-in-cheek, though a little less successful when it got heavily expositional, a little in between when it was going for something more earnest.

It's another nicely clockwork episode of the show though, with everyone's fates coming together at midnight. The four stories converging with the eclipse was a nice touch to tie all of the threads together. The plotting has felt more serialized this season, mostly unified by the Blue Morpho, and this was a good way to get everyone involved while still moving the plot forward.

There's thematic resonance in Gary being sent to take out the Doctor Octopus expy and Dr. Girlfriend being forced to take out the "Blue Morpho," at the urge of other villains, despite the fact that they really don't want to. There's a sense that they're both kind of caught up in this even if it's not really what they'd like to do or how they'd like to be doing it. Of course, each eventually avoids killing the person they're meant to -- Dr. Girlfriend by dint of Dr. Venture's accidental kevlar protection, and Gary presumably by letting his guy go. (Something about a reference to the Pine Barrens tells Sopranos fans something about whether Gary's target actually bit the dust.

The bit with Monarch going after a Dr. Zizmore expy was amusing enough, as was the series of random events that led to Dr. Venture inadvertently dressing up like Blue Morpho. I didn't necessarily love all the backstory info dump business, and I think the episode works better as a parody of self-serious stories about having to kill then an earnest take on the same idea, but I still appreciated the elegant way in which the stories were united by the eclipse and everything fell into place. Certainly an ambitious episode if nothing else.

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