So much cringe!

Meh season start.
If that is the level of writing this season, it's probably gonna be the last.
At least we got some answers. Answers we can't really trust fully, though.
Looks like Sandstorm is going for nuclear war with that ICBM looking rocket.
Seems a tiiiny bit unrealistic if you ask me.

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@ds1 Agree.. I think the writer's should have just kept it going from where season 1 left off. They had that stupid crazy cliff hanger... and that gave them the perfect opportunity, but they messed it up.

@izzmo Yep, they should. But the writers tend to do some highly debatable things from time to time (like the Patterson thing with her boyfriend in S1). Let's hope they can improve what they set in motion here.

@ds1 yeah I think they killed him off though because he was taking a part in Halt and Catch Fire.