Shout by FinFan

Byzantium 2012

It´s interesting what kind of movies you watch when you want to follow the carreer of a certain actress/actor.

I´m not into the vampire theme at all, never have, but this is different. It might have been better had they avoided the term "Vampire" altogether. They could easily have come up with another concept. I like the idea of Eleanor not running around killing people but rather beeing the "Angel of Death" that comes to you when your time is up and deliveres you to the other side. Even the almost mandatory love story wasn´t too cheesy. The Movie itself is well produced but the pace is very slow especially at the beginning so you need to be patient for it to unfold. A little less running time might have helped but then again it propably was what the director intented.

Althought this was only a part of my Saoirse movie journey I´d say this is not the worst movie to watch.

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