7.2/10. The theme of moving past the character issues of your youth is one that fits with Adventure Time's ethos (at least to the extent a show this diverse can be said to have a singular animating spirit). In a lot of ways, this is a show about growing up and the rocky process that can be, so exploring that, once again, through Jake and one of his offspring, is a nice tack to take.

The results though, are a little mixed. It's nice to get another take on Card Wars for the first time since Season 4, and the tournament setting with an announcer gives it a little different flair. Jake is very into it, wanting to show up his old rivals after a post-loss freak out we see in flashback, but Charlie is nonplussed and only participates in exchange for the material to do a special personal tarot reading. The contrast between their attitudes and the kind of "cards" they're interesting makes for an intriguing contrast, but for the most part, it's just another story of the difference between Jake and his kids.

It's kind of neat to see Charlie see through her future and see herself becoming wise and content. And it's equally neat to see Jake confront his younger dark side that we've seen alluded to previously. But for the most part the delivery of these themes is either too blunt or too opaque. It's an enjoyable episode with a fun setting and conflict apart from that, but kind of lacks the zip or depth of the best episodes of the show. Still a good time.

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