7.3/10. One of the things that I really enjoy about Community is that it has empathy for its characters even when it brings them low. Abed messes up big time here (as funny as his Kaufman/Jesus-esque filmmaking pursuit is) and puffs himself up pretty big. Shirley's religiousness makes her a minor pariah among the Greendale faithful. And yet while the show pokes fun at each of them for this, it shows them each wanting to do something great, each wanting to achieve something for the guiding force they believe in (whether that be art or Jesus Christ) and each finding common ground and empathy for one another. Shirley hearing Abed's prayers and destroying his movie so he doesn't have to screen it, and Abed, in return, surprising Shirley by completing her Christian rap video, is a lovely finish to an outsized storyline, and the two of these disparate people holding hands at the end is the cherry on top.

The storyline about Pierce hanging out with Leonard and other troublemaking seniors isn't quite as good, but operates from the same perspective. There's some comedic juice of the role reversal that comes with Pierce as the rebellious teen and Jeff, Britta, and Annie as his erstwhile dad, mom, and little sister respectively. But for the most part it's pretty easy humor. That said, Jeff deciding to help Pierce out anyway is one of those minor heartwarming moments the show bakes in, while intentionally undercutting the sap of it by having him add Britta's name to the emergency contact list too.

Overall, it's a good episode of the show that owes most of its success not to its comedic premises, but to the care it shows for its characters.

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