there's a strong feeling that what white rose did to angela was some sort of brainwashing which would explain why the washington plant is so important: it's where the experiments are being made
if this does turn out to be true i will lose my FUCKING MIND because is it not enough that this show is dark as hell now they're gonna add freaky science fiction shit into the mix like im not haunted by this show enough as it is
also where the living fuck is darlene rip her boyfriend you know he ded

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@thirstyagron do you remember when Darlene talked about her being kidnapped by a women in the previous episode? Initially I thought that was Joanna by the way she describes her lipstick and the way the camera focuses on Joanna's lips during the episode. Now I'm leaning more towards White Rose and I think Eliot went through some kind of brainwashing so that they could leverage his potential. Maybe his father didn't want this and they got rid of him. Whatever the truth is, my little brain is blowing.