My Thoughts: This isn't my favorite Disney Channel sitcom, but I still enjoyed this episode for what it was. Jessie was likable, and the kids were hilarious. Maybe once I get into this series more, I'll enjoy it better.

Content Concerns:
Sex: A guy wears a tiara for the sake of a little girl; a boy is accused of wearing a dress, when it's actually a battle uniform. 3/5
Nudity: One tiny outfit on a teenage girl. 4/5
Language: A character says "OMG," which is an abbreviation for a misuse of God's name. 4/5
Violence: Kids play paintball; a girl falls down the stairs. 3/5
Drugs: None. 5/5
Frightening/Intense Scenes: Some bullying. 4/5
Other: References to bodily functions; a lizard burps twice; a scene of revenge which isn't vilified. 2/5

Score: 3.5/5

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