Shout by Lee Brown Barrow

Brotherly Love 2015

A common story but still a relevant one. Packed within the brief running time is a tale of turf war, revenge, family loyalty and a Romeo and Juliet style love story. Its a good film but needed more room to breath, time to explore the themes within and some added depth to certain characters to explain their motivations.

The film isn't perfect then but it is worth watching to wake us from our comfort zones. I live in the UK and I saw first hand how a city can be torn apart by its young people who protect their home ground. Violence and occasional murder was the consequence and for what? For stepping on to the wrong estate. Education in tolerance is vital and not only for young people. Generations of intolerance are to blame and it is still happening all over the world, including our governments and police forces. It is time to love one another and stop the hate.

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