Shout by Felipe Ibañez

Four Christmases 2008

Really had some laughs moment and a very good story about two people who's life before weren't as successful as it is now and they're trying to hide it they meet fall in love they hate their families don't want to have kids , don't want to be married but they do everything together .
Good Performance by Vince Vaughn especially caught my attention he changed his name from Orlando to Brad because was embarrassed that he's been named as the city and he hates his name .
The point is to this movie is like a little bit like Just Friends . You know their hate their previous life's and they want to move on and not look back to those embarrassing , bad , awkward moments of their life's that they had their families are really not the type you want to be but through these four Christmases after they flight to vacation is canceled they change they get back to their selves ( who they were ) and realize they love each other want to get married they have a kid in the ending with a happy one .

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