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W: Two Worlds 2016

This series has kept me on the edge of my seat with every single episode. W starts off as any Kdrama would, with the promise of an entertaining love story and a pretty second female lead, funny situations sprinkled here and there, delivered in a sci-fi package. I was really curious to find out how long Oh Yeon Joo could keep the truth hidden from Kang Cheol, who the real murderer of his Kang Cheol's family could be and how this information would influence the comic's storyline and its protagonists' actions.
W turned out to be surprisingly original in its plot twists and solutions. I am glad to see the series veered off the standard Kdrama course the way it did (yet kept the romance sizzling, which I did not mind at all ;-) Oh Yeon Joo x Kang Cheol <3).

If you enjoyed The Truman Show and Dramaworld, I am sure you will love W.

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