Shout by Lee Brown Barrow

Alice Through the Looking Glass 2016


Shout by Lee Brown Barrow
2016-09-18T20:21:49+02:00— updated 2018-04-09T23:50:25+02:00

As with the first film, this is visually impressive but it never quite grabbed me. Certainly not a bad film and am sure fans of the characters will get a lot from it. For me, my time down the rabbit hole is over. I urge Hollywood to seal the hole with concrete unless they can create something truly magical. BUT THEN....

I rewatched the film in 2018 and enjoyed it a lot more. For whatever reason, the film put a spell on me this time over, so why I wanted to concrete over Wonderland back in 2016 is anybody's guess. Perhaps I was as mad as a hatter! A sequel would be welcome, but I'm not sure where they would go with the story.

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