Review by Zaitzev

19-2 2014

Am I the only one watching this show and constantly get annoyed by the stupidity of the writers? I mean...

The officers are handling situations in a way that doesn't seem like procedure.
The bystanders, witnesses, victims and criminals in pretty much every episode all act with arrogance, hostility toward the officers, disbelief on account of how things are done..the list goes on.. and it's not very believable. Especially when it is like that in EVERY episode. I get that they want to add a "we don't trust the police" element to the stories, but come on, knock it down a notch?

Ben, starting out as an interesting character with great development in his character, ends up in later episodes being similarly arrogant, petty and hostile toward his colleague, Nick. Without going in to details why, I can say that because of his attitude he deserves a smackdown, by Nick. He annoys the crap out of me now.

Also, 19 has to be Canada's most hostile work environment. There's too much going on at the same time to be even remotely plausible, just to force some plots through.

I'll end the rant with this though: The characters, scenery, plots and stories are all entertaining, and it's a decent enough show. You just can't take it too seriously, or you'll end up like me and be annoyed by the never ending forced drama.

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