Review by dogg724
2016-09-20T12:35:04+01:00— updated 2016-09-25T05:05:31+01:00

So little of this review has to do with the actual show, it just hits home in too real a way.

The true brilliance of this show is the fluidity and awareness. Most of what Adam seems to speak to aren't even really secrets or ruinous of any half-decently informed person, but he speaks to the people who are on both sides of the equation. I'm Adam, but rarely manage to entertain or endear myself to people. I don't have the calculated and rehearsed TV show, but the instinct to tear down all of the dumb distractions and terrible justifications for behavior and beliefs is at my core. Doing it in service to make things better even more so.

The show manages to stay positive and caricatures without belittling the kind of push back commentary you get from someone who's world you're "attacking." The fact that it tries to remain sympathetic and end on high helpful notes I think speaks to a level of patience and maturity towards the subject matter.

Adam manages to take "check out these factoids!" and turn them into mini-immersive worlds and memorable scenes that can stay with you. For as straight-forward of a premise, the execution and creativity is undeniable. You want other shows to put even half the effort. Going forward, whenever someone wants to criticize my know-it-all-ism or call me negative for being well-enough read, I'll just point them to this show and practice shutting up.

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