Review by sp1ti

31 2016

I was a bit shocked when I first clicked the IMDB to see it's deep red metacritic score but thought that just maybe it was just pissing of some reviewers... but they are right. This movie sucks.
Unfortunately it's not just a few things that went wrong but the whole thing throughout. First there is the "plot" - haha, just kidding? The survival game scenario can nowadays hardly be called original but never before was it done as superficially as here. None of the characters are worth giving a damn about either because they do not get any development. What we ended up with here is a boring framework for killings, which aren't even worth your time. While they can be considered violent, they lack any punch due to the storytelling but also because it mostly happens off-screen (but not even gore could have saved this). All but the "final" killer in the movie are just time wasters as they absolutely fail to be a threat to the group and are solely defined by their costumes or speech... having just watched the most recent Purge movie I gotta say even that one packs more punch and originality. And if anything screams creativity then it's dark lit pipe-rooms which make up for most of playing field in this.
So yeah, this looks like a passionless side-project for Zombie and I'm sorry for anyone who supported him during it's funding.

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