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Rosemary's Baby 1968

Somehow I hadn't seen this until last weekend. I should not have waited this long, because this is a great film. Mia Farrow is great in this, and you really feel like you're in her shoes the whole way. Great cinematography as well. The shots down the hall of people on the phone are wonderful. You fell like the character, trying to peak around the corner and understand what is happening.

So that is all I can talk about without spoilers. Stop now if you haven't seen it.

If I had only seen half of this, I'd have been pretty disappointed. Some of the acting is bad, plot holes are jumping out, the story arc is predictable, etc. And then I get to the end and every single thing leading to this was perfect.

That bad acting was bad acting by the character, not the actor. You realize that everyone around her that is in on the Satanism is faking what they want Rosemary to think. The people not in on this are acting well. Her friends comfort her and seem real because they actually tell her the truth of what they think.

I love the fact that when you're going through it, you're wondering if she is crazy or if this is real. I wasn't sure how it would end, but close to the last scene I thought she'd grab that antichrist and dive out a window. I suppose that is still a possibility, but the film just cuts out beforehand. Instead of deciding for you, it is up to the viewer to predict what side she's on going forward.

I thought I'd give a 4.5 at first, but then the more I thought the more I realized that I really wanted to watch again to learn more about everything. That is absolutely a 5.

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@saundrew I love the mood of this film. Even before the supernatural elements start coming into play, there's something so unnerving about the idea that something is wrong and she's sick and yet can't seem to find out why or get the help she needs. It's a great example of a minimalist approach to horror that yields great dividends.