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Welcome back, Agents of SHIELD! Feels like it's been forever.

This season already seems completely different from the previous ones. I don't like the team being split up, but it will probably create some interesting new dynamics. We'll see how it plays out.

Fitz and Simmons continue to be adorable. "SADIST" and "WIMP" made me laugh really hard. Jemma's new position seems to put her at odds with some of the other characters, but I understand where she's coming from. She's desperate to not let anyone else die. They're obviously going to use AIDA to create conflict between FitzSimmons. I'm already angry about that, and it hasn't even happened yet.

I don't know anything about Ghost Rider, but he looks dope. So does AIDA. Nice to see Mallory Jansen again, I loved her on Galavant.

I'm really curious about what happened to those Chinese guys and how it's going to affect May.

Mack and Elena give me life.

And Daisy? Daisy's awesome, like always. But I feel so sad for her. She's suffered so much. I just want to protect her from more heartbreak.

Overall, this was a pretty great season premiere. I'm excited for next week.

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@aniela-krajewska I always look forward to read your little reviews. Not disappointed.

@aniela-krajewska imagine writing a comment this long on an episode about ghost rider but saying nothing about him lmao