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The Fall 2013

Series 3 airs on RTE 1 on Sunday 25/9/16 and BBC 2 on Thurs 29/9/16. Will Stella finally get her man, or will Paul Spector get away????
Been looking forward to the conclusion of this first class Police drama from BBC Northern Ireland.... Goodness knows how long before it appears on netflix.

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@lepracaun didn't air on the 25th or it would be out there already as a torrent

@2635599 series 3 did air on Sunday 25th on RTE1 (available to Irish viewers), I watched it as I was in hospital. BBC aired episode 1 of S3 to the UK tonight 29/9 @ 2100hrs so torrent may well be available tomorrow.

@lepracaun i find it odd that it aired on the 25th and no one uploaded it as a torrent or otherwise. i got a webrip earlier today, but typically that's really a screener. i finally got it tyhrough duckietv about an hour ago.