Review by moonkodi

Body Double 1984

Cheesy and overrated. A guy spies on a woman. The women just happens to not walk around naked but does strip shows and masturbates, every night at the same time. Why not? He then follows her around town because.... nothing better to do? Hes infatuated after kne view of her show? Yeah right. She even dumps some panties in a bin and he picks them up. Lovely. Thats the story development style here. This movie is over sexualised for the sake of it that's for sure. She's also followed by a bad guy that looks like something out of Dick Tracey. Its a very cliche haggard bad guy comic look. Silly elements dont bother me usually but against this movie's potential thriller element it's a bad mix. The woman and bad guy could be more human and less caricatures. It's a slow but decently shot film, but it has no replay value thus far. The first climax moment happens as the stalking triangle of characters clash and the bad guy attempts to drill kill the women. The bad guy attempts to drill kill her very very slowly and then the plug comes out the wall. Tom and Jerry humour? He kills her and we are treated with a decent death and a dog.
The cops get involved because a) murder and b) we need a cops to doubt the innocence of the main character for a plot idea that ends there. We are later treated to some soft core porn and cheesy music.. Thanks... The main character ends up in the porn studio with the guy from Frankie Goes To Hollywood after seeing a tattoo on a women's arse in a porn movie preview. What are chances Huh? What does he know about her? Who is she?
It drags on. Not much of a thriller anymore. Was it ever? It was Rear Window lite with tits and ass.
All the plot points are eventually connected by our main character in a moment that's suppose to make us say 'ahh' but we don't care. Shame the audience wasn't feed any interesting clues or real suspense along the way. Melanie Griffiths character at the end seem to not understand what's happened to her. Odd. The end titles roles with some more soft porn.
Too much plot emptiness and undeveloped characters in this movie. It's no hitchcock and no decent spoof of porn. I enjoy the trashy nature and stupidity but that's it.

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