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5 Pattern Dragon Claws 1983

Kang-cho is Master Won-kak's best disciple. In order to become the 'Chun-ha-jang-moon (head),' Kang-cho murders his teacher Jo Sul and then seizes the secret manuscripts of the Nwoi Fighting Technique. Won-kak expels Kang-cho and becomes the Chunha Jang-mun. In order to lead Kang-cho to a new life, Won-kak divides the secret manuscripts of the Nwoi Fighting Technique into four and hides it in the north, south, east, and west regions. A few years later, Wang-ryong, the head of the north region, unifies the other regions underneath him. Wang-ryong becomes the head of the north, south, east and west regions but he dreams of becoming the Chun-ha Jang-mun. However, Keum Sa-bo challenges Wang-ryong to a fight. Wang-ryong barely escapes with his life. After many ups and downs, Wang-ryong becomes the Chun-ha Jang-mun but he gives the position up. Instead, Wang-ryong finishes the Buddhist statue Won-kak had started.


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