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95ers: Time Runners 2013

  • Thomas Gomez Durham
  • February 14, 2013
  • 96 mins
  • English
  • Science Fiction, Thriller
Time does not exist. Only choice.
Time is unraveling, paradoxes are everywhere, and strangers with terrifying technologies are on the hunt. A thrilling, original, ultra indie full-length sci-fi movie that is the story of Sally Biggs, an FBI agent who has the power to rewind time. Her scientist husband has disappeared mysteriously, and the closer she gets to finding him, the more dangerous her life becomes. To save the future and her loved ones, Sally must enter a battlefield she never knew existed. Fortunately, she's a 95er. Surrounded by bizarre timespace paradoxes and hunted by terrifying forces from the future, Sally must discover the earth-shattering truth behind it all before her very being fades out of reality.


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Oh dear God, but this is a shocker! The overall concept was interesting, and some of the timeline graphics etc were actually quite well done, but that's about as far as it went. The acting was TERRIBLE, the dialogue simply weird at best, and the plot was just plain crazy with a number of weird additions just chucked in with no real explanation or design that I could identify. We can but hope this is remade by one of the larger studios with a budget to do it justice!!

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