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A LEGO Brickumentary 2015

A look at the global culture and appeal of the LEGO building-block toys.


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This documentary makes me want to spend a lot of money building a Lego city. Well done Lego...your not-so-carefully-hidden 90+ minute commercial works.

The fact that I want to spend money on Legos now is kinda weird since I fell asleep and had to backtrack a few minutes about an hour in. It didn't keep my interest as well as I had hoped. Don't get me wrong...you get a good dose of history, and you get to see the inner workings of Lego...but all that doesn't matter when many of the interviewees are so dry you could speed dry your kids all-weather clothing after a day in kindergarten on them...

I still love those damn bricks, but this documentary's only for those that are really, really into Lego...

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great documentary, takes me back... wish legos weren't so damn expensive

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Interesting look at LEGO internals and how LEGO effect society. They don't glorify anything and Bateman's voice is always a pleasure to hear.

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