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A Woman Shook the Throne of Egypt 1995

  • 1995-09-04
  • 2h 21m
  • Nader Galal
  • Bashir El Deek
  • Egypt
  • Arabic
  • افلام محمد مختار
  • History, Drama, War
King Farouk finds himself enraged to carry out the British orders to appoint Mustafa El-Nahas as head of the ministry. During his journey to Qassas, he gets injured in a collision. He learns about the doctor Yusuf Rashad and his wife Noha. He admires women and follows her to work in the palace as a writer. , Especially after the husband is commissioned to form the Iron Guard, through which is discovered both the officer Istahter Mustafa Kemal and officer Anwar Sadat. Noha is separated from her husband and expelled by the king. She becomes a mistress for Mustafa Kemal. Calling for standing against the king, and working to form a secret cell with the Free Officers who help them to save the revolution from the dangers.

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