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Action Point 2018

Okay. Here's the thing. You go in knowing this is a Jackass movie so stupid stunts. You see the commercials and think "Hey! It's Meatballs, but with a theme park." The original Action Park is such an interesting story, you figure this will be fun.

But not really.

It is not really fun. First, a completely unnecessary wraparound story is thrown on this thing. Unneeded except I think they wanted to make sure it was feature length. Then there are the stunts which look painful, but with it being a narrative just don't care. The jokes are all rather flat and the SLOBS vs. SNOBS theme is more "Ernest Goes To Camp" than "Meatballs." Most interesting...this was an R rated comedy but I didn't see any nudity, the violence was of the variety the Three Stooges has, and maybe one or two drug references. So it must have came down to the cursing and the references to drunken and reckless behavior. The only sex onscreen was between 2 doggies, so I guess it gets an R, but surprising this is how they went about it.

Overall, not painful to watch, but didn't bring much joy either.

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It's not a good movie, it's not even a good jackass movie but hey, at least we get to hear Johnny Knoxville's laugh for another 85 minutes. There is some entertainment value and some decent stunts but not really worth the time or money. The old man pee dribble scene is relatable.

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It's not Jackass but what is these days? The pratfalls and on screen injuries elevate what would otherwise be an 'ordinary' film into one with a fair few belly laughs. Knoxville plays himself (pretty much) but his charm shines through and even Chris Pontius is restrained. The story pretty much plays second fiddle to the stunts but overall it's a pretty enjoyable (if ultimately forgettable) way to spend an hour or so.

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I don't know, judging by critics reaction, maybe you had to be a fan of Jackass to enjoy this. I had quite a fun time with it. Sure it's lowbrow, and it's not something that's going to win any awards for originality, but it tells a simple story of rebellion and juvenile antics in a lawless amusement park, during a time that was more free.

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The movie lacked substance. The "action" wasn't even that good ..groin hits at the most. The only part i laughed at, was when someone yelled "FUCK YOU" after a comment made.

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