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Ordeal By Fire

Based on C.T. Khanolkar’s novel “Agochar”.
C.T. Khanolkar, a notable luminary in the field of literature is the author of the great work “Agochar”. Agnidvya is born from his renowned creation. Relations, moral and destiny are the 3 pillars of his unique story, which is set on the backdrop of the science but enigmatic Konkan region. In the struggle between the autocratic despot Anandrao Desai and the principled and scrupulous Nandini, it is not only Nandini, but the cursed old mansion which has to undergo the test of the cleansing fire, or Agnidivya. Nandini’s first sight itself kindled a fire within Anandrao. Enchanted by her beauty, he brought her into the house as the wife of his brother Achyut, who being insipid and lacking backbone was the antithesis of his brother. Anandrao who hitherto was used to having total control and command over all women not only in the household but the entire town, met his match in his lone antagonist Nandini.


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