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Airborne 2012

  • Dominic Burns
  • February 26, 2013
  • 78 mins
  • English
  • Horror, Thriller
Come die with me.
As a snow storm closes in, one final plane takes off. The plane reports to the ground that both pilots are dead, while the slowly dwindling number of passengers on the plane wish that they’d never left the ground.


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I'm not sure I can cover everything that's wrong with this film but I'll give it a go:

The beginning was extremely slow and incredibly dull. If you manage to make it through the whole film, kudos.
The acting was horrible.
The writing was terrible.
Random was sex thrown in for teenage boys that doesn't serve the plot (the very thin plot)
Negative stereotypes masqueraded as a diverse cast
Voice overs were overly dramatic, ridiculous, regertitated common tropes and annoying.
The story itself was actually done better by the Doctor Who 2005 S4 episode Midnight?

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