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Alien: Resurrection 1997

  • Jean-Pierre Jeunet
  • November 26, 1997
  • December 2, 2003
  • 109 mins
  • English
  • Action, Horror, Science Fiction
It's already too late.
Two hundred years after Lt. Ripley died, a group of scientists clone her, hoping to breed the ultimate weapon. But the new Ripley is full of surprises … as are the new aliens. Ripley must team with a band of smugglers to keep the creatures from reaching Earth.


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I hate just about everything in this film. People (including myself) complained about Alien 3 for a lot of points. Quite frankly, that film is amazing in comparison. Direction, acting, plot quality... everything. I know Joss Whedon is the writer on this, but I can't believe this is what was in his mind while scripting. I've enjoyed many other things this guy has written, but I have a hard time figuring out how this would have worked at all. Also, it blows my mind how this series has dropped in effects quality with each new film. Just, don't bother watching this at all, it is a total wreck.

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The last chapter in the "Alien" saga is also the weakest movie of the quadrology! It has an even more unrealistic story than Aliens (Alien 2).

Additionally to this shortcoming it's too much action & too few horror elements. And most annoyingly Jean-Pierre Jeunet added (or at least tried to add) some humour and comical phrases which are absolutly missplaced. The best thing about the movie are gorgeous aliens in it!

All in all it was an absolutely unnecessary extension to an excellent trilogy.

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