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Am Sklavenmarkt 1907

In front of a round tent, a pasha is sitting on the grass; to the right of the tent's door, covered with a patterned blanket, is a flagpole - on top of which is an 8-pointed star [Saturn-Film's logo]. The pasha claps hands, and a servant comes to his bid. The lord is going to smoke from his water-pipe while he buys some new slave girls. The servant calls the seller and his two henchmen, who bring forth four girls in patterned burnooses. The first is totally undressed [facing the Arab, not the camera], and sent into the tent; the next girl gets topless, and also sent into the tent; the third is forced to undress by the henchmen, and also sent inside. The fourth, apparently a younger girl, is dismissed by the Arab after showing her small, firm breasts, and she goes back with the henchmen. Follows an argument over the price, and finally the slave master goes away, happy. The servant must help the pasha up, and the lord goes to his tent. The curtain falls over the door - and stays...

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